• Our Dream

    Provide Young adults with life tools to maximize opportunities and talents in a save environment and gain an understanding of life purpose and personal value before starting on a journey of independent life.


    UNTRACKED Education to improve life opportunities for Christian young adults. UNTRACKED Educations – Not Academic that is individual requirements Only for Christian Young adults
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  • About us

    Untracked education?

    Untracked=new, fresh, friendly, true and real!!

    Our program has world class content but will be flexible so that students achieve the best result for each individual!

    We subscribe to fun, joy and fulfillment as we grow together through the learning experience.

    MiXchange is a post-matric college aimed at releasing young adults into their life assignment and pointing them in the right direction for life. 2013 will host the charter class of MiXchange offering unique and unprecedented learning experiences designed to help you discover your destiny in life. 

    With quality education tools such as Impact Leadership School, Heritage of Faith Bible Institute, Business Foundations and Business Leadership Academy, MiXchange covers all aspects of life, both in preparing for business as well as spiritual grounding.

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  • Life Assignment

    Every young adult really need to understand that their life has a great deal of potential in it, but not necessarily know how to reach out to that potential and how to convert this concept of potential into something that is real and tangible. Converting the idea of potential into something meaningful.

    Dreams and opportunities

    If you don’t know what your dreams are or know what opportunities are available to you and if you don’t know how to document them and actually work towards them you will never accomplish them.
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  • Overview Concepts of potential Every young adult really need to understand
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  • New Beginnings  Having a different perspective of Christianity, and that Christianity
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  • First Phase 7 Principles of living life successfully:  Work  Governance  Authority
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The Project 'With Love' is our last community project for the year. We would love for you to be involved. 

Fill a shoe box and be a blessing to a child in a foster home this Christmas.

A shoe box can be filled with items such as 
Toys; Educational Supplies; Hygiene Items; Sweet Things, and any other item you feel is appropriate for a child.

What Else?

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  • How will this impact your life? +

    Madelaine Snoer MiXchange an adventure that will ignite your passion as you discover the way you are wired, unpack your Read More
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